Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When God moved at 6:25 AM...

Wow… Where to begin? Camp is going really well. Monday afternoon this amazing peace came over me, all that could be heard and seen was this intense communication between us and the children. No one was up roaming, no one was standing off alone. EVERYONE was engaged, it was at this very moment that a “connection” was made with the children and the team that continues to exist even now. Language barriers went away and trust was our foundation. I am struggling for the right words, but it was so peaceful. Now, I know that people are praying for our team, but let me tell you at 6:25 AM (your time on Monday) I am convinced that someone or several were on their knees. I had this feeling of covering from my head to my toes. It was an amazing site to see God at work in the lives of everyone in that room at that very moment. Later while ministering in the park (soccer field) at a nearby village, I told Debbie Drennan about this moment and she said just moments later she experienced that same kind of peace. So... whoever it was or how many, rest assured that your prayers are being felt and seen as Gods plan for this trip unfolds before our very eyes. In addition, our team is receiving some amazing notes from prayer partners. Each note very different from the other, but perfect words of encouragement at just the right time. Once again, God is working in our life through each and every experience while in Moldova. However, 6:25 AM will forever stand out in my mind and heart when I physically saw God at work half way around the world, while many of you were just waking to begin your week. What an amazing God we serve! Thanks to all for your prayers! Until next time…

In His Service,

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